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The main tasks of the laboratory of infinite-dimensional analysis and mathematical physics:

  1. Scientific: development and research of mathematical models used both in fundamental physics and in the latest applications. The following key words can be noted: quantum field theory, calibration fields, quantum gravity, secondary quantization, Feynman integrals along trajectories, quantum anomalies, differentiable measures, hydrodynamics, mathematical problems of biology, protein dynamics, quantum control theory.
  2. Pedagogical: organization of relevant courses of lectures, organization of scientific seminars and involvement of students and graduate students to work in these areas.
  3. Scientific and organizational: scientific conferences on infinite-dimensional analysis, mathematical Physics. quantum biology and quantum systems control theory.

It is assumed that the laboratory will work in cooperation with the Institute of applied mathematics RAS. M. In . Keldysh’s.

The composition of the laboratory: scientific Director of the Railway doctor of Sciences Professor, researchers, doctors and candidates of Sciences; invited researchers from foreign universities.